Astute IT | Software Support Services
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Software Support Services

Software support services mean something different to every customer. In some cases, customers feel that they only require an update service which will provide, on a regular basis, the latest versions of software with all their new enhancements. At the other extreme, some customers wish to have nothing at all to do with the administration of the system, and prefer to outsource completely the tasks involved with the provision of a reliable managed service.


Astute IT, through an extensive range of support services caters for almost all possible customer requirements:

  • Server, client and network support.
  • Firmware, licence, and software updates.
  • E-mail, telephone, remote and on-site assistance.
  • Account and facilities management.
  • System configuration and utilisation reporting.
  • Performance reporting and capacity planning.
  • Contingency and strategic planning.
  • Emergency assistance and business continuity.

Software support can be provided in two ways: either on a time & materials basis; or if you need a guaranteed response time, under a support contract which combines a selection of services in order to achieve a specific level of service for our customers.

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