Astute IT | Systems Design
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Systems Design

When looking at systems design, as with all IT consultancy, it is essential to work closely with the customer in order to be able to identify and recommend the most appropriate solution. Without asking the right questions we cannot provide the correct answers. As a result of our discussions we will identify your strategic focus and current infrastructure, and from there, your requirements technically and in terms of functionality and performance.

Areas that need to be taken into account include the users, operating systems and applications interaction, and integration with other systems and the network infrastructure. We need to look at the management and administration of the system, and what levels of security need to be implemented. It is also important to find out how critical the system will be in order to decide upon availability, resilience and acceptable downtime.

Systems Design

When deciding upon the correct specification, care must be taken, as system sizing can be extremely difficult. Measuring customer load before installation can be achieved but relies upon experience, judgement and an understanding of customer requirements. Even if a system is sized exactly for current requirements, the remaining question is always how long will those requirements remain static. It is therefore wise to include a degree of headroom in any systems acquisition and make use of capacity planning to help forecast your future network requirements.

Once we are armed with the required information, we can then assess the available and emerging technologies, particularly their long-term viability within the organisation, and make our recommendations on the system best suited to your needs

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