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Network Design

Network design is a critical part of your IT planning as networks have become integral to the success of today’s organisations. They are used to generate revenue, facilitate internal and external communications, order materials and issue payments. The list goes on. As one of the most vital parts in an organisation, a network should be dependable almost to the point of becoming invisible. However, this ideal cannot be achieved if the network is designed in isolation, or simply specified as a combination of ‘off-the-shelf’ components. A successful network should be designed around the needs of the business.

For a network to meet the needs of a business, it must be designed around the objectives and structure of the organisation. A network infrastructure is a major business investment, one which will affect the efficiency, performance and profitability of the business. Creating a network design which is closely matched to the needs of the organisation, ensures that the most appropriate technology will be utilised within a network which can respond to change.

network design

As we all know networks rarely remain static. They evolve to meet the business demands that are placed upon them. So designers have to develop network infrastructures that can accommodate changes in technology while delivering business solutions in a well-structured and seamless manner.

Astute IT places great emphasis on the consultancy and design phase of any network project, recognising that this initial focus will not only deliver a networked system which is more relevant to the needs of the customer, but also streamline the implementation of that network. We work with our customers to deliver a robust network which is closely matched to the identified business need.

Although organisations generally have an established infrastructure, there is usually a desire to exploit newer networking technologies. Guidance and input from Astute IT will ensure that the evolution of a network is undertaken in a planned fashion, allowing new technologies to be embraced without impacting on current network services and, thereby, avoiding risk to the business.

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