Astute IT | Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

In today’s technological world, businesses rely heavily on their IT infrastructure; this means it is vital that there is adequate protection and planning. Business continuity and disaster recovery planning are fundamental to the wellbeing of an organisation. Clearly, they are intended to ensure continuity in the face of unforeseen or difficult circumstances. Planning for these situations is not always straight forward of course, and neither is identifying suitable sources of information, services and products. The requisite planning tasks themselves can also be challenging, none more so than the building of the plan itself.

Risk analysis and business impact analysis is fundamental to the process of ensuring a sound business continuity and disaster recovery plan. Understanding the potential impacts of “disaster” scenarios, and establishing the risks that could result in such scenarios, is the first major step to ensuring the plan meets the real needs of the organisation.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Astute IT’s objective is to ensure that your exposure to risk or loss during any unforeseen disruption is minimised. Our business continuity and disaster recovery services can ensure that your business can continue to operate following a disaster that impacts your IT systems.

We can help you protect your computer systems against technological failure, and attempt to assure its high availability through redundant components and responsive maintenance. However, in extreme cases, business continuity could be disrupted by flood or fire; or by something simpler, such as bad weather or power or communication lines being disrupted. So whether it’s good infrastructure design, planning considerations such as remote access capability in the event of bad weather, or alternative equipment and services at a datacentre in the event of a more serious incident, Astute IT can help.

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